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Premier Komodo Liveaboard Diving


Komodo National Park features one of Indonesia's richest and most biodiverse scuba diving and even the world. Certainly one of the best diving destinations in Indonesia.

Also renowned as the home of the famous Komodo dragon, Komodo National Park is located in the strait of the same name at the confluence of the Indian Ocean and the Banda Sea.

In the north, you can find a collection of the world’s most beautiful varieties of reefs, boasting a rich combination of hard and soft corals, shoals of anthias, wrasses, angelfishes, and also predators—reef sharks, tunas, and giant kingfishes.

In the south, you will see more soft corals with an amazing profusion of colors, and even more macro (and manta rays too!). The water is rather cold and the temperature can drop down to 23°C in July and August.

Komodo offers a wide variety of dives: pelagic dives with sharks in strong currents, gentle drift dives, wall dives (colorful drop-offs, monumental boulders, seamounts, pinnacles, and sandy slopes), and macro dives. You can also find manta rays, turtles and if you are lucky enough, some whale sharks and cownose rays.

For many. the beauty of Komodo diving can only be beaten by the holy grail of Indonesian diving, Raja Ampat.


Komodo dive sites map, diving Sangean


Komodo National can be dived almost all year long although conditions are not optimal from December to March.

Lots of people are asking us when is the best time to dive Komodo. Wallacea Dive Cruise liveaboards visit Komodo National park during the dry season only - June to October. Not only this is the best season to encounter schools of Manta Rays in several spots like the notorious world-class "Manta Alley" in the South part of Komodo island, but also schools of hundreds of Cownose rays and so many more rare species. The landscape is also breath-taking during the dry season.

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The national park of Komodo Islands offers the liveaboard diver just about every type of tropical scuba diving imaginable - from warm, calm, and colorful shallow reefs alive with hundreds of reef fishes and crammed with invertebrates. 

Komodo National Park offers the full range of subjects to underwater photographers: from small critters of a couple of millimeters to manta rays and even whales. Prepare your lenses, you will use them all! There are over 1,000 fish species, almost 300 types of coral, 70 sponges, 14 species of whales, and several turtle species... The park also contains a variety of marine ecosystems, including fringing and patch coral reefs, mangrove forests, seagrass beds, and seamounts.

Choosing between macro and wide-angle is not always easy in Komodo because both could be to use on every dive. Talk with our dive team for the best advice for macro because if the current is strong, it will be difficult to get those shots. These dive zones may have great potential for macro.

Padar Komodo, Komodo national Park,


Departure and return of our Komodo dive cruises are from/to Labuan Bajo (West Flores). Labuanbajo is indeed very well served from Denpasar (Bali) by several Airways such as Garuda Indonesia (convenient additional 23 kg luggage allowance for diving equipment), Batik Air and Nam Air.

Airlines Flights Denpasar-Labuanbajo Flights Labuanbajo-Denpasar
Flight Jakarta to Sorong GA7036 1105-1210 GA7037 1255-1400
Flight Jakarta to Sorong ID6331 1030-1130 ID6330 12h0-1310

IN654 0930-1030 IN655 1110-1210

Bali is 25-hour navigation by boat but just 60 minutes away by plane...

To focus exclusively on diving Komodo National Park, we offer 8-nights to 11-nights scuba diving and adventures liveaboard trips from the closest airports.


Komodo's best dive sites selection

North Komodoclose


South Komodoclose




Denpasar Airport (DPS) in Bali is the International airport recommended for our Komodo National Park cruises.

Our dive cruise liveaboards' departure and arrival being alternately from Bima (BMU) to Labuanbajo (LBJ) and reverse, a round-trip domestic flight will be necessary. Several airlines serve these cities: Garuda Indonesia, Wings Air, & Nam Air. The earlier you arrive, the highest will be the chances to dive up to 2 times the first day of your cruise.

  • Check-in time: Depending on arrival flight, not later than 13:00
  • Check-out time: Depending on the return flight, not later than 13:00
  • Your international arrival and departure airport recommended is Denpasar but Jakarta can do too

Please consult us for an updated flight schedule and some advice. You can book online with most of the airlines, but of course, we also can arrange your tickets.


The water temperature is 27 ° C in the north and gets colder towards the south where it can drop down to 22 ° C..

WETSUIT A 5 mm long wetsuit and a hood are recommended for this destination
DIVING DEPTH Max 35 m (100 Feet)
CURRENT Some dives can have significant currents, whirlpools and see downdrafts. A good level in diving and some experience in drift diving are recommended to participate to this cruise. Divers must bring a buoy and a signaling mirror. Although we always try to perform these dives during the best sea condition, it might change very quickly. Other dives are more quiet and rich in macro, especially in the south.
VISIBILITY The visibility in the north is excellent at 30 meters or even more, while it ranges between 10-15 meters in the south.

The climate in Komodo from July to September is sunny and dry with some suspended winds from the south-east. Onboard, the evenings can even be a little chilly. In May and October, the winds are calmer with a higher chance of rain.

Extensions: Of course as you go through Bali, it is always good to spend a few days there before or after the cruise. Please consult us if you need some advice on where to stay and where to dive. You can also explore Nusa Tenggara for more diving, Alor (highly recommended), Gili islands, etc…


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