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Explore the best of North Sulawesi - Togian Islands

For those who know us, this is a kind of "back home" cruise in an area that we very well know because we started our operation, in early 2000, in these areas of Sulawesi.

Departing from Bitung, we offer two itineraries

From Bitung to Bitung.

Departing from Bitung (close to Manado), our North Sulawesi cruise allows you to experience a great variety of dive sites, bursting with amazing marine life and species. THe highlights of this area are more on small animals and macro. 

Experience the pinnacles and rocks of the Bangka Islands with some rocky dive sites covered by beautiful soft corals and sea life,   the muck dives in Lembeh Strait, with some of underwater world’s finest species—frogfishes, mimic octopuses, and many more.

In this 10-night cruise program, we will take you further north to the Sangihe Islands where you will find a not only a wide variety of sites with muck and critter dives but also some great pinacles teaming with life, including the famous Mahagetang underwater volcano. You will do numerous night dives during this cruise, which is a must-do in North Sulawesi. The profusion and diversity of the night creatures are just splendid!

Our program also includes a tour to the Tangkoko National Park, a rainforest reserve for tarsiers, macaques, hornbills and many more.

From Bitung to Luwuk

The "central Sulawesi" visits the East coast of Sulawesi and the Togian islands. It ends in Luwuk. Beautiful dive sites on the East coast in the areas of Ratatotok, Tanjung Flesko, and Gorontalo (fabulous walls and whale sharks !). We then dive the best spots of the Togian islands, especially around the islands of Una2. the two last days are spent in the Tompotika area where Wallrecentlyntlys did set up a dive resort, Tompotika Dive Lodge, just because we found there spots that are among of the best dive sites of Indonesia!

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  • Arrival airport : International airport of Manado
  • Departure airport: Luwuk, Central Sulawesi
  • Check in time: 15:00
  • Check out time: 08:00

Silkair (a subsidiary of Singapore Airlines) operates flights from and to Singapore on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, Saturdays. Connecting flights in Singapore from and to any major cities of the world with Singapore airl and other companies.

The cruise starts in the evening. You can arrive at 13:15 by the Silkair flight of the cruise departure day.

The cruise ends in Luwuk, where daily flights can bring you back to Manado. Alternatively you can fly to any other major city of Indonesia via Makasar.

Please contact us for any further information, whether you would like us to provide you more information on flight schedules or transit Hotels, or to buy your domestic flight tickets.


The sea water temperature is averaging around 28°C throughout the year.


We expect good visibility during most of the cruise. 


Slow to medium currents on most of the dive sites, except in Tompotika area where the currents can be stronger on the pinacles.

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