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Wallacea Dive Cruises is a diving cruise company who has been providing dive liveaboard in Indonesian waters since 2002. Created and owned by Jerome Doucet and Suryani Mile, a French-Indonesian couple who remain until now the sole owners of the company.

Our main focus is to provide the best service to ensure the luxury of a comfortable, safe and convenient liveaboard experience at a good value. Our competent and friendly crew will be there 24/7 to assist you.  Starting from planning your trip to the moment you are on board, when you are out exploring Indonesia’s underwater marvels with our experienced dive guides, or even when you are fueling up for your next dives with our delectable cuisine selection. We are there for you.

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We do not only offer dive liveaboards, we also offer our best selection of excursions and trips on shore for an extended pleasure of your journey in Indonesia. Simply contact us for more information.


1 dive guide per 4 divers—as opposed to 1 dive guide per 6 divers, which is the common standard. 3 to 4 dives/day.

Expert crew—our cruise directors are assigned according to their destination expertise, so you will never be lost when you are cruising with us.  As for the rest of the crew, most of them have been working with us a long time and have learned so much from Jerome who gets on board as a cruise director many times a year.

Impeccable service—we might not have a 5-star luxury yacht, but we look after our guests to the tiniest details. This is our definition of luxury. 

Excellent Indonesian dive liveaboard at competitive rates – we like to keep things simple…or maybe we are not that good at marketing. The majority of people who have cruised with us would come back to tell us how they are surprised to experience such a great dive liveaboard with the rates we offer. Even with all the pictures and presentation videos that we have provided, they wouldn’t have expected such spacious decks and cabins, such great quality of dives and such comfort on board. So you would have to find out for yourself…



Starting out with an old ferry that is converted to a dive boat, Wallacea has grown over the years and is now operating several boats.  

MV Ambai – Finished construction in 2012. Ambai is designed and built from scratch by Jerome Doucet himself. The pride of Wallacea, Ambai is conceived specifically for diving. The convenience of the layout, the engine and the facilities are custom-made for divers’ needs. Ambai is definitely something different. No pictures and words can describe the exquisite experience Ambai can give you for such attractive rates. You have to see it for yourself, and tell us what you think!

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Wallacea offers diving liveaboard in Indonesia’s best dive regions:

Raja Ampat – Located in the region of West Papua, Raja Ampat is renowned as the world’s most biodiverse region. Over the years it has become one of the world’s most demanded dive destinations with several dive spots among the top ten's bests in Misool & Dampier strait. Wayag is another iconic highlight of our itineraries in Raja Ampat. 

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Komodo – Awesome destination that is often considered second best after Raja Ampat. The truth is we can’t really decide which one is better—between Raja Ampat and Komodo. What we do know is they are both undeniably amazing and should be equally appreciated!

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The Banda Sea / Ring of fire – Unique marine diversity, land explorations, spice plantations, deserted beaches, caves and stunning sceneries…all these marvels will make your stay an unforgettable journey. While we hear a lot about the Silk Road or the Indies’, we tend to forget the Spice Route which started in Indonesia, particularly in Maluku (Moluccas). These islands used to be the objects of war between the English and the Dutch who fought violently for their resources—the black pepper from Bali, long pepper and Java pepper; the cloves of Ternate in North Maluku; the salt in Amed, Bali; the nutmeg, mace, canary nut in the Banda islands…all these used to be negotiated at very high prices. Beneath the sea,  Banda - Ring of fire is very attractive for its pelagic - often in schools - like hammerhead sharks, giant trevallies, dogtooth tunas, dolphins & whales. Visibility is excellent there and can reach 50 meters. 

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Other destinations – We also offer other destinations in Indonesia, which might be less popular than the three mentioned above but do have their own marvels to explore. You can find more destinations on our website’s navigation bar.