This cruise starts from Wangi-Wangi in the Tukan besi islands, better known as Wakatobi. We spend 4 to 5 days on the wonderful reefs of this area: drop off, cristal clear waters, macro and pelagics. We will also dive around Buton islands some of the best muck dives of Indonesia, before to reach the Takabonerate archipelago and nation al park for another 4-5 days of great diving.

  • Reef Wakatobi
  • Black tip wakatobi
  • Frog fish Wakatobi
  • Jacks Wakatobi
  • Otniel in Wakatobi
  • Sea fan Wakatobi
  • Hard corals Wakatobi
  • Mantis Wakatobi
  • Buble coral Shrimp

Dive Information


 We expect to have an excellent visibilty on all the cruise.

Water temperature

27°C à 29°C.



Travel Information

  • Landing airport : Wangi-Wangi (WNI) on Tukan Besi archipelago 
  • Check in time: 10:20 (Wings Air flight from Jakarta departing at 0400 am)
  • Departing Airport: Bau-Bau (BUW)
  • Check out time: 07:30 (Garuda Indonesia flight to Jakarta at 0745 am)

Climate Information

Should be sunny,dry with a little breeze.