Triton Bay


This is the perfect cruises to fully enjoy East Indonesia’s finest marine biodiversity. In this program we take you not only to dive the world famous Raja Ampat, but also to explore West Papua further south in Triton Bay in Kaimana district and the north part of the Ring of Fire!

 The beauty of its amazing soft corals that stick out to the surface is definitely one of the major marine attractions in Triton Bay. There are over 959 different kinds of coral fish and 471 known types of coral in this area. The other highlights include black coral forests, overflowing schools of sweetlips, vibrant macro lives, and a good chance to encounter whale sharks on “bagan”—the fishing platforms where these giants come to visit from time to time.

 The other part of the cruise will allow you to discover or rediscover Misool with its magnificent reefs that are certainly among the most beautiful reefs in the world.

NB: Some of our "Alor - Banda Sea - Ring of fire cruises also visit Triton Bay.

  • Whale shark Triton Bay
  • Soft coralsin Triton Bay
  • zebra shark, Pisang islands
  • Corals close to surface
  • Black corals, triton bay
  • Black corals and glassfish in Triton Bay
  • Black corals with Sweetlips
  • Beautiful beach in Triton Bay
  • Soft coral crab, triton bay
  • Small crab on soft coral, triton Bay

Dive Information


 The visibility in Misool and Triton Bay might change abruptly. Rarely exceeding 20 meters, it can lower to less than 10 meters, especially after a lot of raining in Triton Bay.


The sea water temperature is approximately 28°C (82F) during our cruises.


 Some sites are subject to strong currents, but we always do our best to avoid diving in strong currents. However, on a number of sites in this cruise, a certain level of currents is necessary to attract interesting fish activities.

Travel Information

Wallacea can arrange and buy your domestic flights, hotel rooms and trip extensions both on land and underwater We will take care of you since your arrival in Indonesia. We are available 24/7 to assist you.

You can find below the information about possible domestic flights with approximate rates. Please contact us for updated rates.

11th November 2019 cruise, Kaimana-Sorong

Jakarta-Kaimana Nov 11th, 2019

Jakarta-Ambon:  Lion Air 01:30-7:00= 135 €

Ambon-Kaimana: Lion Air  7:40-10:20 = 145 €

Sorong-Jakarta Dec 8th

Sorong Jakarta via UjungPandang, Garuda 12:20-16:35, 245 €

Sorong-Jakarta direct, Nam Air 11:25-13:15, 170 €