Raja Ampat-Halmahera

The Sorong-Bitung cruise cross East to West about half of Indonesia. Leaving from Sorong, we directly go to Dampier strait for two days then to Misool. Cross over to the west coast, a few days of diving west and South of Halmahera, with a mix of sites for macro and some other more fishy, stop on some small islands in the middle of Molluca sea Halmahera. The cruise will end in Bitung, after some dives in the Molucca sea.

Dive Information


Generally very good on Halmahera, it is variable in Misool with an average15 to 20 meters. However, the waters being very rich in nutrients, the visibility can locally drop to 10 meters or even les.

Water temperature

About 27°C to 29°C.


In Misool area, currents can be strong on some dives. We try to avoid diving in too strong currents, but as they can change during the dive and are a kind of unpredictable, divers must be prepare for it. Also, to enjoy the fish life that is a crucial element on some dives in Raja Ampat, a certain level of current is necessary to get some fish presence and activity.

Travel Information

  • Arrival airport : Sorong, West Papaua
  • Departure airport: Manado international airport
  • Check in time: 12:00
  • Check out time: 09:00

Silkair (a subsidiary of Singapore Airlines) operates flights from and to Singapore on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, Saturdays. Connecting flights in Singapore from and to any major cities of the world with Singapore airl and other companies.

The cruise starts in the evening. You can arrive at 13:15 by the Silkair flight of the cruise departure day.

The cruise ends in Sorong. On the check out day in Sorong, there is a return flight to Manado at 9:30 (Wings-Lion Air). This flight arrives in Manado at 10:25 and theoretically can connect with a return silkair flight to Singapour on the same day. However, we DO NOT recommend to take a connection flight because internal flights always can be delay or even cancelled. So we do recommend to take a over night stop in Manado and to take the return Silkair flight on the following day.

Alternatively, from Sorong, you can fly to Jakarta, Denpasar, Makasar.

Climate Information

The Molluca Sea is subject to consistent winds, waves and swell during the monsoon periods. North winds from December to April, and South Winds from June to October. That's why we organize this cruise during November, an inter monsoonperiod where the sea is generally quiet. However, some swell may arise during the first part of the journey during the cross over from Sulawesi to Halmahera. After that, we most probably get flat seas. Thunder storms with temporary waves often happen during this period