Period   : June to October

Located in the strait of the same name at the confluence of the Indian Ocean and the Banda Sea, The Komodo National Park features one of the world’s richest and most diverse marine environments—thanks to the overflowing currents in the area. Also renowned as the home of the famous Komodo Dragon, it is certainly one of the best scuba diving destination that you can find on the planet.

In the north, you can find a collection of the world’s most beautiful varieties of reefs, boasting a rich combination of hard and soft corals, shoals of antheas, wrasses, angelfishes, and also predators—reef sharks, tunas, and giant kingfishes. In the south you will see more soft corals with amazing profusion of colors, and even more macro (and manta rays too!). The water is rather cold and the temperature can drop down to 23 ° C in July and August.

Komodo offers a wide variety of dives: pelagic dives with sharks in strong currents, gentle drift dives, wall dives (colorful drop-offs, monumental boulders, seamounts, pinnacles and sandy slopes) and macro dives. You can also find manta rays, turtles and, if you are lucky enough, some whale sharks !

Bali is just 90 minutes away by plane... but 25 hours by boat!

To avoid wasting time in navigation, and to focus exclusively on the Komodo Park, we offer the best itinerary. 9-night scuba diving cruise liveaboards from Bima, arriving in Labuan Bajo and vice versa. Find out more on our itineraries by clicking on the links provided above "itinerary". For the schedule of our Komodo scuba diving liveaboard cruises, please click on "destination trips".

As the currents in Komodo can be intense, a good experience with current dives is highly recommended. To dive in this area you must be advanced level PADI/CMAS Level 2 or higher. Therefore less experienced divers can also participate with a specific supervision that has to be arranged before the cruise.


  • North Komodo Mount view
  • Corals in central Komodo strait
  • Phillodesmium in Cannibal rock, Komodo
  • Reef near padar island, Komodo.
  • Giant trevallies in Batu Bolong, Komodo strait.
  • Manta close up in Komodo
  • White frog fish, Komodo.
  • Mantis carrying eggs, Komodo
  • Rare nudi in South Komodo
  • a blue spotted ray on Komodo dive cruise
  • A beautiful reef in Northern Komodo
  • Lost beach in Komodo
  • Red Frogfish in Komodo
  • Komodo dragon in dry fields
  • Komodo Dragon face
  • Dragon drinking in the pond
  • Pink gorgonian, central Komodo
  • Sweetlips on a reef, close to Padar island Komodo
  • Tubastrea and Gorgonian, Southern Komodo
  • Sea apples, Komodo
  • White tip reef shark
  • Manta ray in Komodo
  • Dendrodoris tuberculosa
  • Elysia ornata
  • White tip shark on Castle rock

Dive Information


We cruise in Komodo from June to October, during the South East monsoon which is the dry season in the area. The sunny and dry weather is very pleasant for liveaboard and is often accompanied by some refreshing winds. In the beginning and during most of our journey in Komodo, we will be protected from the winds and waves. 


Some dives can have significant currents, whirlpools and see downdrafts. A good level in diving and some experience in drift diving are recommended to participate to this cruise. Divers must bring a buoy and a signaling mirror. Although we always try to perform these dives during the best sea condition, it might change very quickly. Other dives are more quiet and rich in macro, especially in the south.



The visibility in the north is excellent at 30 meters or even more, and while it ranges between 10-15 meters in the south.


The water temperature is 27 ° C in the north and gets colder towards the south where it can drop down to 22 ° C.

Travel Information

Arrival and departure airport: We propose liveaboard scuba dive cruises with departure and return from/to Bima/Labuanbajo. . There are several airlines available: Garuda Indonesia, Wings Air, Transnusa & Nam Air.

  • Check in time: Depending on arrival flight, not later than 1 pm
  • Check out time: Depending on return flight, not later than 1 pm
  • Your international arrival and departure airport can be Denpasar or Jakarta
  • There are daily flights from Jakarta & Denpasar to Bima (Wings Air & Garuda), and to Labunanbajo (Garuda Indonesia, Wings Air, Transnusa and Nam Air)

Please consult us for an updated flight schedule and some advise. You can book on line with most of the airlines, but of course we also can arrange your tickets.

Climate Information

The climate in Komodo from June to September is sunny and dry with some suspended winds from the south east. On board, the evenings can even be a little chilly. In May and October, the winds are calmer with a higher chance of rain.

Extensions: Of course as you go through Bali, it is always good to spend a few days there before or after the cruise. Please consult us if you need some advise on where to stay and where to dive. You can also explore NusaTengara for more diving, Alor (highly recommended), Gili islands, etc…

Area Information

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