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Wallacea Dive Cruises (PT Wallacea Jalasveva Lestari) was created in 2002 by a French-Indonesian couple, Suryani Mile and Jérôme Doucet.  The couple remains until present the sole owners of the company.

Our main focus is to provide the best service to ensure the luxury of a comfortable, safe and convenient Indonesian dive liveaboard experience. Our experienced and friendly crew will be there 24/7 to assist you.  Starting from planning your trip to the moment you are on board, when you are out exploring Indonesia’s underwater marvels with our experienced dive guides, or even when you are fueling up for your next dives with our delectable cuisine selection. We are there for you. 

Wallacea started its humble beginning with an old ferry converted to a dive boat, which was then replaced by Paisubatu II in 2006. MV Ambai was conceived in 2012, after years of hard work that Jérôme dedicated on designing and constructing his dream dive boat. Boasting larger rooms, larger decks, larger space everywhere—on Ambai not only we anticipate all your diving needs, we also want to make sure that you have all the space you need for your utmost comfort!

Over the years, we keep growing and expanding with no plan on slowing down. This year, in 2015, we received more than 600 guests on 42 cruises.This same year, we lauched Tompotika Dive Lodge.

Tompotika dive lodge is an accommodation facility for divers as part of our marine protection project, in the Balantak region in Sulawesi.


JérômeJérôme Doucet (Owner)

In charge of cruise operations and technical maintenance

French-born marine biologist, and Indonesian national for 10 years. Sea & sailing enthusiast, and proud “father/creator” of the MV Ambai. Frequent cruise  director. Refined multilingual—fluent in English,  Spanish, French and Indonesian.

This is the man behind Wallacea Dive Cruises who you might encounter on board as a cruise director. His profound knowledge of the Indonesian seas and vast experience as a diver allow him to formulate the best dive cruise itineraries by studying the tides.

Jérôme came to Indonesia in 1990 after several years in Latin America. It took him 11 years working as a shrimp farming expert in Luwuk, before he changed gear and initiated his own project: Wallacea Dive Cruises. The first 5 years were dedicated to two major things: cruising and exploring the dive sites on Togian and Banggai islands, where he is well-recognized as an expert. 


SuryaniSuryani (Owner)

In charge of all administrative aspects of the company

Admiralty lawyer from the little town of Luwuk, Sulawesi. President and founder of “Jangkar”, Indonesia’s live-aboard association. Well-respected and influential personality in Indonesia’s marine society. Highly involved in marine environment protection and sustainable development projects.

Suryani carries two very important roles in the company. She is not only Wallacea’s “anchor”, but she also takes the role of a fairy godmother. Her incredible ability in problem solving allows us to sail with no hassle. You can rest assure knowing that you are in good hands the moment you set foot on Indonesian soil. Her ever-steady help and support, along with her permanent smile, never fail to brighten up our days in any circumstances! 



Marco & LiinaMarco & Liina (Co-Cruise Directors for Raja Ampat & Komodo)

Meet Jérôme et Suryani‘s eldest son, Marco and his Swedish friend, Liina the talented photographer, our newest cruise directors. Just like his father, Marco also looks after our boats’ maintenance, and has now become an excellent and well-recognized cruise director. Meanwhile, Liina is active and highly involved in preserving the environment, especially for sea and coral protection. For several years, they explored countless dive sites throughout Indonesia.  Not only they are passionate about the sea, they are also natural crowd pleasers. You will never feel more welcome on board than when you are with them. Moreover, with the two of them combined, they speak 7 different languages!

Jean-Michel ChalantFrom France, Akim the resident cruise director of Mv Ambai. After 10 years as a logistician for "medecin du monde" he spent an other 10 years in the cinema industry as a technical director. Then he made his passion a living and became a diving instructor. After 5 years teaching and exploring the Indonesian seas, he joined Wallacea dive cruise in 2014. 


Wallacea CrewThe rest of our crew members on board are Indonesians. We work with excellent dive guides, who are mostly from Manado. Theireyes are extremely sharp when it comes to finding beautiful little beasts under the sea! Most of the staff have been with us for a long time and have formed a very tight bond between them, making them an excellent and happy team!


Our office in Jakarta just beside the house of Suryani and Jérôme is literally open 24/7. All our phones, computers, and tablets are always connected and busy.

SergeSerge (Marketing Manager)

All his life he has been a world traveller and, for many years now, a diver. He has explored and lived in countless places in the world: from the Cayman Islands to Japan, until he finally found his home in Indonesia where he has been residing for 15 years now. He answers your e-mails within 24 hours (but normally only within 2 hours!) 7 days per week. From time to time, when he is on vacation, Jérôme will step in and take on his role. For any matter related to cruise reservations, domestic flights, hotels and transits for all your trips in discovery of Indonesia’s beauty, he is the man to turn to.

Do not hesitate to contact him at  info@wallacea-divecruise.com